Saturday, November 22, 2008

more & more & MORE updates

3 Eye Candies - On-going Projects:

Numero Uno. Skateboard Project
I finally got some time to add color to the skateboard I started on a month ago. Here's the progress so far:

Stay Tuned!!

Numero Dos. Christmas Cards - Parsons Fundraiser
I don't even know if anyone even checks this blog but anyways, there's a Parsons Fundraiser at 55 W 13th St on Dec 4th, 2008. Christmas goodies and stuff like it. Spent some time doing some "silkscreening" with a Print Gacco Machine. Here's what I made:

Yeah, that's silver, pretty glittery. Adds some seasonal spice to the illustration.

Number Tres. Getting Gorey
Concepts Illustration for some story. Inspired by Edward Gorey.



Elizabeth said...

sophia im so proud of you! you make me so happy =]

don't forget my wallet!! either the vitamin water or the skull poketo one is good =]

love you <33

Jordan said...

board is progressing nicely.

check this artist out too. you might like:

Daniel said...

dropping by to show support and love. stay gully! i'll be back to read up on ze blogs