Saturday, November 22, 2008

more & more & MORE updates

3 Eye Candies - On-going Projects:

Numero Uno. Skateboard Project
I finally got some time to add color to the skateboard I started on a month ago. Here's the progress so far:

Stay Tuned!!

Numero Dos. Christmas Cards - Parsons Fundraiser
I don't even know if anyone even checks this blog but anyways, there's a Parsons Fundraiser at 55 W 13th St on Dec 4th, 2008. Christmas goodies and stuff like it. Spent some time doing some "silkscreening" with a Print Gacco Machine. Here's what I made:

Yeah, that's silver, pretty glittery. Adds some seasonal spice to the illustration.

Number Tres. Getting Gorey
Concepts Illustration for some story. Inspired by Edward Gorey.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Moleskin Jam

Moleskine sponsored a jam with Parsons students. The accordian fold sketchbooks will be featured somewhere in France? Or was it Italy?


Got my site launched:
Definitely drop by and check it out!


Last week, Nov13th, I attended the American Illustration event/party whatever-you-call-it and had my PoketoxParsons Wallets on Display. Top Seller!*