Thursday, January 15, 2009



I really don't know who reads this but whatever. So I've spent a few days, weeks in LA. But before then I spent some time in NY took some pictures and I feel like uploading them. In LA I Visited SURU gallery, 88 gallery, LACMA, etc all that good art stuff out there. Even Disneyland, quite a trip literally. Here to provide the public with some photos, good stuff.

I spent New Years in Times Square

Stopped by Melrose shops and Canvas Gallery. Definitely caught my eye. Some illustration work that has to do with tattoos, tattoo art, tattoo artists, all that stuff. They even had some real Shawn Barber stuff. But there was a lot of talented work to be seen in the area.

I also stopped by 88 gallery and saw their Tribute to the Beastie Boys show that's going on right now. Real sick stuff.

and I topped everything off with a trip in Disneyland...

**** I need to get back into the kitchen myself and cook me some goodies. As always, stay tuned, & you stay classy San Diego.